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April 22, 2008


Chris has slept like 4/5 nights now and we’re so pleased! Dad took him to Home Depo the other day and he had a lot of fun with that, and he also took two walks around our neighborhood. He seems to be doing better after his med adjustment (Abilify went from 10mg to 15mg.)

But we are still pursuing applying for the National Deaf Academy for him. I will be doing that soon.

He is also going to be starting vocational training at a local school for half the day – I think he’ll like that a lot!! It will make his day more interesting – he’ll go to his regular school half day and the other half a day. He may start this year, yet.

His weight was going up but now seems to be stabilized at 200 pounds. I hope he doesn’t gain any more.


I filled out app. papers for homeschooling today and plan to fedex to Columbus tonight. I’m pulling Colleen out of school.

The particular homeschool is a public school, not a traditional home school. I could not do a regular home school where it was all up to me. Even this is going to be hard for me, but I trust it will save Colleen. I hope. She’s currently failing 4 classes. She missed 40 days of school this year from illness. If she’s going to continue to be ill often, and continue to be as anxious and sickly (often caused by nerves, I believe) as she is now, I think she’ll thrive in this.

I hope.

“ECOT educates over six thousand students between the ages of five and twenty-one from every county in the state of Ohio.

Running an online school requires as many resources as a traditional public school. In addition to our teachers, a staff of counselors, school administrators, customer service specialists, computer programmers, database managers, school-funding experts, shipping handlers and consultants enable ECOT to work.

ECOT is a public school that relies solely on a fixed per-student state tax allocation, without the addition of property taxes, private funds or donations from special interests. ECOT, as a public school, charges no tuition.

ECOT provides a valuable service for all Ohio students and families seeking an alternative to traditional public education.”

“What sets ECOT apart from other public schools is its home-based online learning environment. ECOT’s ability to provide a statewide K-12 educational environment through its own secure Web-based network, or intranet, is unique. The intranet restricts access to non ECOT-approved Web sites while providing a wide range of teaching tools and educational sites that are appropriate for students of all ages.

Just like other public school students, ECOT students have teachers, counselors, class discussions, report cards and out-of-class trips. Unlike other public school students, however, ECOT students are required to use computer and Internet technology to access their lessons, may never meet their classmates face to face, and are not subject to a dress code!

ECOT parents do not need to educate their children alone: ECOT’s teachers provide quality instruction online and actively engage each student to offer assistance and guidance. Parents have the freedom to directly support their children’s education, while letting ECOT teachers do what they do best: teach.”


His IEP is today, in 2 1/2 hours. I think he’s done pretty well this year. I expect he’ll be at the same school next year for first grade. Can’t believe he’s almost done with kindergarten. He’s writing 3-letter words and is talking much better!

Both boys are getting new hearing aides soon.

That reminds me, Ryan’s lost the battery case off his hearing aide. I need to take it in to Jane to get it fixed…

All things are possible

April 15, 2008

Things have been rough in a lot of ways lately – Chris has been staying up all night just about every 2-3 days lately, and there’s been continuous illness it seems with the kids.

But we have a new situation coming up where we will have 40 hours a week of help for the kids. A new aide already started last weekend for Ryan – Her name is Debbie, and her and our other aide Doreen made a good team with us to care for the boys and get a lot of cleaning done!! They will be here 7 days a week 40 hours a week (roughly) each starting next Monday (just 5 more days!). I feel things will greatly improve then – even though we may still be exhausted and sleep deprived.

Work is going fairly well though lately I hadn’t had time to do enough of it!! I have had about 15 hours of audio since early March that I’ve been working on for local clients. Rog is still doing court research and also helping me with transcription and doing some for Rapid Text as well.

We have a lot of plans for more house repairs with problems we’re having with the sewer system in the basement. It’s 95% better than it was three weeks ago though, but need more work.

I’m tired…

I am really hoping NOW we can get back to church – our helpers are coming Sunday mornings now so I can’t see why we can’t…

Now what is amazing that this song (above) and this song (below) came into my head, and I instantly found them after that in the list. God is that way for me – songs are my inspiration. Thank you Lord!

Spring and smoke are in the air!

April 6, 2008


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Our first bonfire of ’08. We and the boys enjoyed the some hot dogs and a beautiful 60 degree day – Colleen and her friend came over later and had fun by the fire. Damp though – we didn’t keep the fire going as long as we will later in the summer, but got some papers burned and just did something different than run errands or sit inside the house.

Work is going slow – not because I don’t have it — I have A LOT — but kids have been sick and life is just so crazy. Probably by the time school’s out they’ll all be healthy and ready to all attend school – heh.

What I’ve been up to:

November 13, 2007

Directly from my post to my transcription board 🙂

I have had to take a bit of a posting break. I’ll probably try and get back to posting regularly after Thanksgiving.

What’s keeping me so busy:

* Everyone being sick, including me, going all the way back to early October. I’ve scheduled a drs. appt. in case this cough isn’t better by then and also plan a chiropractor visit for this afternoon.
* Because of all the sick days for the kids, I had gotten so behind on my work I could do nothing else, not even sleep. I got a serious sleep deprivation there and last night actually fell asleep at 8 and got to sleep until 5 (just getting up once with my son at 11 who was still up….) sleep finally! happy0065 cloud9 I’m just praying I don’t get a migraine from all the sleep schedule switching.
* I also need to file and finish cleaning my office. (I did clean the desks and switched desks with my daughter over the weekend and am now proud to say I have a resting shelf for my feet to transcribe on and can even easily switch feet – yay! party0006 I’m also the proud owner of new speakers with a headphone jack, as well as the aforementioned new ergo keyboard and the new external hard drive to store my hefty space-grabbing audio on…
* I’m going to take next week off of work (probably just do British QA in the early morning) and just focus on cleaning my house well for the Thanksgiving dinner we’re having here. Then I’ll be back hard at work the next week, though I MAY schedule another few days end of next week to finish Christmas shopping and start wrapping (lest you think I’m some kind of holiday guru, we have cut WAY back this year and are only shopping for the children – our children, our relatives, and a few close friends. That greatly cuts the list down.
* And I want to try and get more rest so I can focus on getting better.
* Prayers still appreciated for our family’s health in general and for Lisa specifically.
* I haven’t started this yet, but next week I need to sit down and do tons and tons of paperwork and stuff for the kids that I’m behind on.
o I have to schedule also two sedation appts. for the boys for hearing tests they do on the brain while they’re sleeping, and for my oldest to have his blood tests he needs for his meds, and for them both to have good teeth cleaning.
o I also need to schedule Ryan’s concluding genetic tests (They probably think I forgot about them, it’s been so long).
o I also need to fill out two autism scholarship forms as we’re considering possibly trying to have them attend this autism/deafness school in Florida if there’s any way we can arrange it (probably for next year) but it will take a lot of planning and research and special miracles from the Lord. (And possibly me moving down there just over the school year – sounds very complicated but if it’s what the Lord wants for the boys it will work out – I’ll post the site soon).

I hope we have a good family gathering here on Thanksgiving – that’s the first time I’ve ever tried to have one. I need to go shopping for my turkey, etc., and plan the meal.

I also plan over the next few weeks to update all my sites for the holidays – one of my favorite things to do!!

Blessings, dori

Summer will be winding down…

July 21, 2007

Colleen graduated last Sunday from her boating class, which was very cool. It was a very beautiful day, which was a blessing as we were at the beach for about 4 hours, before we had to leave and go to her camp that she was at all week. During the boating class, which lasted all summer 2x a week, she learned to canoe, kayak, jet-ski, sail, and probably other things that I can’t think of at this moment. I am really glad she had the opportunity with our park system to do this, and I highly recommend if your state has a boating program for teens that you have them join in!

She wasn’t able to join in the boat ride here but spent a lot of time swimming and had a good time. Afterward we had a wonderful dinner that was SO filling, croissant sandwiches, chips, mac & potato salads, fruit salad, pop. Yum!

After dinner certificates and packages and a new life jack to keep was presented to each student. We could not wait until the end of that because we had to pack up and get Colleen to her 4-H camp. She got her package just in time for us to receive it and had to the car!

A hectic time was had then as we rushed home for Colleen to shower the sand off, pack any remaining items and we went and dropped her off for a fun-filled week at her 4-H camp. Unfortunately the perfect weather did not last through the week, and she had 2-3 days of a lot of rain. Made good use, I’m sure of the extra shoes and outfits packed! She made a lot of friends, saw old, close friends, and had fun singing the Numa song with her camp-mates in their talent show.

She found new friends that liked her comic character Inuyasha as much as she does.

We spent the week just caring for the two rambunctious boys, and know Chris will be eager to go back to school Monday at his day camp that will last three weeks. Ryan just has about 2 weeks left of his day camp. Then, amazingly, it will be only about 3 weeks until regular school starts.

This is similar to the classroom Ryan has this summer, and also to the one he will have in the fall. He loves his summer camp! They attend field trips once a week. It’s a quick 2 hours (I arrive home at 9:30 after dropping him off, and leave about 11:40 to pick him up) but he’s just really enjoying it.

And Chris LOVES his camp – they go in water EVERY day and are well equipped for getting Chris out when they need to.

So, we’re enjoying our summer, and planning for fall. Come fall I plan to work about 15-20 hours, probably 3 days a week. I’m going to try and plan some larger housecleaning projects the 2 days I’m off. I need to do MANY things, organize cabinets, deep-clean bedrooms, clean basement, organize some painting projects, and even just trying to adhere to some sort of exercise plan.

Happy rest of summer everyone, and hope all are peaceful and healthy!

As always, plenty more pictures in Flickr – these are just a small sample.

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April 28, 2003

owen is having a bit of a tough time again after doing very well for a week or so. He went to day care with his sister first time last week on Thurs and Fri. This is the first EVER he’s been in day care. he did well! This week he goes back to school (tomorrow) but last night he started staying up late again — 4:30 a.m. this morning (dh stayed up with him – I actually got to sleep 9 hours last night PRAISE God! it is 12:00 now and he’s still up. dh has to get up at 4:30 a.m. and I will be up at 6:30 with my little baby, I’m sure.

I had been thinking all weekend trying to make a decision about my work. I work 22 hours a week now but have the opportunity to work up to 30 if I wish. That would mean having the older kids go to the day care every day after school. After thinking about it all weekend we decided to wait until summer and see how they do, and maybe work a little later then if they seem to be able to handle it.

We just have been so broke for so long that it feels good to be able to pay the bills and having more sounds so good. We also need a new house — 5 kids in this tiny house is tough.

dori, in the close family 🙂

Just been reading

April 19, 2003

for too long!! I have so much cleaning to do.

THANK GOODNESS my children are feeling better. It is such a relief — I have been sleeping and so has the family! 8 hours a few days in a row — yippee!

Easter eggs are starting to boil in the kitchen, and I’ve grocery shopped today too. The whole family went, and met my mom too, and she helped watch the kids while me and hubby shopped with 1-2 kids at a time 🙂 it was pretty fun!

My living room looks like an obstacle course that is also designed to trip you and break your leg…. that is my next project.

Ahh 3 kids. So much work, so much joy, so much exhaustion!

I wish I had time to write and write and write. But thankfully I type really fast and will try and write more often….

“Owen” is slamming himself in the head with his hand — why??? JUST when I said he was feeling MUCH better!

Been searching around for different additional friends’ diaries to read — it’s fun to see many different people and their interests.

Hi COLLEEN – think you’re the only reader I have right now — hope you are feeling good today — note from 2006 – this is a different Colleen than my daughter….

Love, dori

I do exist still —

April 15, 2003

I think. We are so tired — all of us — our oldest has been ill and we are not sure what is wrong. He has autism as I mentioned before and he has been crying most of the time the last week. Drs. don’t know what to do. It’s sad and difficult. We love him so much but don’t know what to do. We are loving on Vanilla Coca Cola (me) and coffee (hubby) and just trying to get through it — it happens like this every few months and then it gets better.

Owen also is going to be evaluated to see if he has bi-polar disorder. We visited a psychologist today and she believes he may have that from our initial descriptions of him to her. So perhaps another piece of the puzzle of our beautiful but very mysterious son…

In my absense our baby son “RJ” also had ear tubes put in. He had 5 bad ear infections in 5 months. He is doing very well now!

Sometime soon I will finish the history I had started before, about meeting my wonderful hubby, etc.!