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Last week’s trip & Halloween!

November 9, 2008

I seem to be unable to handle NaBloPoMo this year – maybe next year!!

Pictures of last week’s outing—more soon!

Halloween, Ryan at Taco Bell, Colleen & Ashleigh

RIP Chestnut the Christmas Hamster —

January 6, 2008


He will be missed. I found him when I was giving him an apple last night…

Old pictures (I’m going to probably —

June 28, 2007

be scanning these a lot for a while – these aren’t even all scanned (some are digital), but anyway—-)

While waiting for Chris to go to sleep I felt like taking a few minutes to post old pictures [hey, I only have 9 minutes of audio left to type, right?] This is Chris about 9 months old, with Grandma

Awe, my li’l Colleen with her crawling doll

Waiting for our Ry-Ry

more soon—

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