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Graciously accepting help

March 24, 2009

I was just thinking this morning that this is one of the lessons I’ve had to learn. I’ve been thinking about, what are the things I’ve had to learn in this walk we’ve been on in life? Graciously accepting help, though I’ve not yet gotten very good as ASKING for help; accepting my limitations; and not being a perfectionist. There’s probably more, but that’s a start.

Years ago I made this web site: . Beth D. if you’re reading, I’m sure you remember helping me with this way back on Geocities in ’97!!! All the tables and everything for HTML coding. But I felt so guilty that I could not follow it. And I did not want to ask for help.
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I never posted my 08 goals–

December 30, 2008

So thought I’d post here. I will then look over them over the next week and make up my 09 goals. I don’t even expect to reach some of these, it’s just good to have them all written down to have an awareness of them.

2008 GOALS (the year that will be over TOMORROW! wow)

• Every few weeks check Colleen’s progress on web site and follow through with teachers on items needed to be made up.
• Boys – try and get them to write their names, and spell extra, 1-2 times a week. Find computer games for them to play. Try and help Chris focus on academics a few times a week and show Doreen how to do it too.
• Colleen to continue picking up her room and to start doing her dishes (soap squeegie!) and laundry.
• Get icon board up and done for boys’ chores.
• Try and get us in position where dishes and laundry and daily pickup gets done every day and figure out as a family HOW!
• Me – Weigh Down. Lose at least 20 pounds. no dieting at this stressful time.
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Garage cleaning day!

September 21, 2007

garage 001

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

You can almost eat off the floor! J/K

Oh, what a good feeling.

Next week – basement workshop!!! Friday.

Got office cleaned and all filing done!

June 8, 2007

Cleaned out office 001

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

YAY- only took me like 3-4 DAYS! I hadn’t done it this thoroughly since Christmas.

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Craving order, and Chocolate Cake

May 17, 2007

Ahh, just remembering the days when Ryan laid on a boppy pillow and napped while I typed.  When he was three weeks old I began my legal trans again, just a little, and I remember how I reached my arms around him to type on the keyboard.  Now he’s starting kindergarten in 3 months.  All day kindergarten.
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cleaning turns into furniture moving?

January 20, 2007

Does anyone else immediately start moving or planning to move large items of furniture when you clean a room?  I always do this.  I can’t just  clean – I have to rearrange.  And it doesn’t matter what else is happening, if I don’t really have time, or whatever, it’s like a driving force – I MUST MOVE FURNITURE.  I try and restrain myself much of the time, but I don’t always succeed.

Right now, my house is needing a good pickup ALL OVER but I’m obsessed with the fact that I want to move my kitchen table again – WHY?  I don’t know.  I think my kitchen is just too small and it’s hard to find a way to make it work, so I change it.  Like every three months.  And yes, it’s best over 3 months since I changed it, so the bug is back.  CHANGE ME!  Ha ha.  It’s just it involved moving THREE pieces of furniture, not one – the table, the sideboard buffet, and another little cabinet.  Like a Rubik’s cube, how will this all fit together?

Well, I’d better get at some kind of cleaning anyway…..


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pantry 007

September 29, 2006

pantry 007

Originally uploaded by criscollrj.

I’m so proud of my pantry now! Click for more pantry pictures and Chris having fun getting the bubble bath off the shelf…

busy busy busy

February 6, 2004

— you’d think I’d be sitting around eating bonbons by now, this SAHM, who has not worked in 7 weeks! But my to-do list keeps growing! So far I have

  1. Organized pantry and linen closets
  2. Cleaned half of each bedroom (a lot to clean!!)
  3. Rearranged and cleaned living room
  4. Balanced checkbook September through December
  5. Did all filing and paper sorting, once (need to do again, though!)
  6. Completed various paperwork projects (but have more to do!)
  7. Have taken children to numerous dr. appointments and attended school meetings

So very busy life for me!

Ryan is talking more that I’m home, for which I’ve been so grateful. I need to work with him even more, read to him, etc. I have been taking him to a music class at a local organization that is very fun! He also likes to play my guitar 🙂 This means I cannot really play it at that time as he grabs all the strings ;). I hope to get caught up enough on housework so that I can take 15-30 minutes a day to practice by myself on the guitar. I would like to get good again like I was in high school/college.

I still dream of getting back to college to get my music therapy degree. It would be cool to be really in practice on the guitar by then so I could progress a lot farther with some lessons there (as guitar will probably be my instrument of study there, though voice would be great too!).

Well I have a very busy day today with my mom coming over at 9:00, and it’s 5:30 now, so have one hour to scoot through kitchen and laundry room cleaning before I have to get Chris up for school (bus comes at 7).

Quick update (is there ever a slow one??)

January 25, 2004

someday I just want to go slow and ramble for hours on here….

Baby boo is up and keeping me busy, so this will be short. He is doing good — he is talking more since i’ve been home!! He also has not thrown up since I’ve been home (at day care he was throwing up every few days?!!!). We were ready to take him to an allergist to see if he had food allergies, it was happening so much. NOw he’s home, boom, disappeared!!!

I have accomplished many household tasks — organized many cabinets and cupboards, rearranged living room, etc. Busy busy! I have SO much more to do. Mountains of clothes to put away in our bedroom – that will be today and tomorrow’s task. Today is a birthday party for DH, the big 4-0!! So we will be at his mom’s – she has nice parties for all of us in her home so that we don’t have to worry about them here (our house is tiny, like a closet, especially with us 5 in here!!)

Well, so I’m the busy SAHM and still hope to go back to college, but don’t know when that will be. I want to go for music therapy. I am hoping to do the prerequisites close by, and then the remainder I shall have to drive about 1 hour away to fulfil. THis will be years away, though, I’m sure!

I am trying to lose weight again — I have been overweight since a child but on and off diets. After RJ was born I haven’t really sustained any effort to lose weight – just now though this Tuesday I have gone back on a plan that I was on in the years before he was born. I’d lost 25 or so pounds then so I hope to have success again! I need to lose about 60 pounds. So far I’ve lost just 3/4 of a pound, but that was in 4 days 🙂

All for now, dori