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Google fun (From Sasha’s blog)

November 25, 2007

I am downloading this Acrobat book – looks fun to check out!

I love Google. I made an IGoogle page a few months ago and the thing that completely made my day is that I could have Pacman on there (among other fun things like Frogger, Checkers, and Hangman!!). I was addicted to Pacman in the 80’s, and was known for going into savings to buy quarters to play Pacman at the mall on break. Ms. Pacman specifically …

I also have a to do list on IGoogle, and a calendar. And (ahhh, beautiful) webcams of North Carolina.

And lest we leave anything else out about Google — gmail? Google Desktop Search? Google web search? Google groups? Picasa?


Flashing yellow light?

November 16, 2007

Hello – my daughter came home to get on her computer as usual (hers and rog’s) and it doesn’t boot, just has a flashing yellow light. eek

I read a little on the internet about this light and it doesn’t sound good. It’s a Dell Dimension 5150, I think, okay, let me get the specs — they’re below.

Anyone know what I should do next? Conveniently, it’s out of warranty.

At least we were running Mozy, but not on everything. I can restore her crucial documents on the new spanking partition of my new hard drive, at least….

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